A Restaurant Rescue Company.
  • Sidewalk Appeal

    How to bring in foot traffic business.

  • Food Presentation

    How your food should look.

  • A Good Place To Eat

    Return customers.


Reason 1

Are you earning a minimum of 16% pre-tax net profit on your sales? If not, we can help.  We are introducing a new concept in restaurant consulting.  This new approach is designed for the single owner/operator.  We will give you the necessary tools so you can have the same competitive advantage as your most successful competitors.  You will start to earn more money in the first month.


Reason 2

There are many occasions in which the complexity or importance of a situation mandates the use of an outside consultant.  Outside consultants maintain a detached objectivity.  They don’t get emotionally involved in the internal politics or fixed ways of thinking of the past.  Working relationships are not a factor. Consultants bring with them fresh ideas and specialized talent.  This highly specialized talent can be hired to recognize a particular problem, define a particular opportunity, and then that assignment can be completed.  Consultants become part-time members of your staff, working on your behalf, and in your best interest.