About Us

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Summary of qualifications

  • An extensive, 40 years successful background of progressive responsibility in operations management in food service, attaining highly responsible positions in planning, directing and evaluating large and busy endeavors calling upon excellent management skills and profit motivation emphasizing customer service.
  • Successful in building a food service management company serving a niche market of independent owners and entrepreneurs in competing with national chains and franchise operations in this very competitive market, with very significant results.
  • Recognized by senior managers and peers for top-to-bottom knowledge of food management, food handling, and food preparation, in a near- lifetime immersion in all types of operations from fast food chains to white tablecloth dinner houses, and in institutional and retail settings, requiring sensitivity to clientele needs and training of team members to fill them in a total quality management atmosphere.
  • A track record demonstrating special skills in turning around distressed operations and leading them to profitability through perceptive identification and analysis on on-going and immediate problems and costs, and quick action to resolve them. Expertise includes strong budget management, strategizing and planning.
  • Emphasis on people skills focusing on motivating and encouraging ownership in a team atmosphere, delegation and above average teaching abilities to help team members reach their goals in an action oriented managerial style of high integrity that calls upon excellent communication skills, organization, and creativity.

Areas Of Experience

•    Senior management
•    Policy development
•    Long/short-term planning
•    Strategic decision making
•    Competitive analysis
•    Major budget development
•    Management team building
•    Problem identification/resolution
•    Food service management
•    Team selection/ training
•    Leased food departments
•    Cost analysis and control

•    Concept/ menu development
•    Vendor assessment/ contact
•    Food specifications, menus
•    Institutional feeding
•    Retail merchandising
•    Creative promotional approaches
•    Top management relations
•    Profit/loss issues
•    Operating statements
•    Union/nonunion environments
•    Industry participation
•    Customer service/ satisfaction


Beginning as an independent food services consultant, identifying niche market serving independent restaurateurs competing with national chain operations and franchises needing professional food service management assistance, consulting, education and operational guidance and technical support; building a team of 24 food service management professionals serving restaurant owners and food service operators from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and as far away as Colorado; services provided range from: site selection, local market strategy, menu development, image development, advertising and promotional planning, quality and service standards, operations, staff selection/hiring/training and personnel policy, purchasing, to vacation relief; overall, leading the business to a multi-million dollar service with a reputation and a track record of solid business results.