The Seven Most Asked Questions

• Why do I need help?

Being an owner/ operator simply does not allow you the time necessary to keep up on all the controls needed to maximize your profit.

• How do I know when I don’t need your services any longer?

Our services rely on a teaching and implementation philosophy. You will know when you are ready to delegate portions of your new program. We will assist you in the selection and training of team member candidates.

• Are there any follow up visits?

With our 3 month agreement, we will conduct a follow up visit in 90 days. This follow up will consist of a complete 4 hour operational visit.

• Why management concepts?

We believe that every operation should make a minimum of 16% pre-tax net profit. You need another set of trained eyes. Along with that advantage, you’ll receive a seasoned food service executive with over 35 years of experience. Experience, trust and peace of mind are what will help you meet your profit goal. We succeed when you succeed

• How long before I see a return in my investment?

You should see an improvement in your operating statement in the first 30 days. We believe in evolution not revolution. It is a proven fact consistent operational controls will result in higher net profits. The more control of your business you have, the more profit.

• May I use management concepts indefinitely?

Yes, we are available to assist you for as long as you wish.

• Can you help me improve the productivity of my team?

Yes, we offer a complete package of on-site training and motivational seminars. Management concepts believe that team members don’t start out with the idea of being poor performers. We believe they evolve into poor performers. With ongoing “booster shots” we can prevent the evolution and maintain high quality performance.
• Booster shot program
• Daily contest
• Monthly awards
• Recognition by you in front of their peers
• Yearly bonus ($200 cash)
• Christmas parties
• Summer get together with friends and family